Construction Sweeping & Stormwater Pollution Protection Plans

Salt Lake City Construction Track Out Sweeping and SWPPP

Sweeping and SWPPP  All construction sites require a Stormwater Pollution Protection Plan. Power Sweeping is one of the most effective ways to mitigate tracked out and eroded soils. Keeping waterways clean and limiting airborne dust disturbed during construction may not initially seem like an area of attention for companies known for maintaining parking lots and sweeping […]

Power Sweeping & Unusual Situations

When our operators are out providing power sweeping services, they occasionally encounter unbelievable situations. Every one of our operators, at one time or another, has observed something unusual that made them scratch their head and wonder why on earth anyone would do such a thing. Some of these things have happened more than once-and these […]

Should I Power Sweep In Winter?

For many people, the months following the rush of the holidays provide a season to recover, hibernate, and maybe, just maybe plan for the coming year. However, if you are managing any type of property or street, now is not the time to put your property maintenance on hold! Sure, traffic may have decreased slightly […]

Why Is Regular Power Sweeping The Best Practice For All Kinds Of Facilities

The signs of the season are all around us. Cold weather and precipitation are all part of this season. As the season continues, storms can lead to periods of very heavy precipitation . Trash, litter, and debris can be washed into drains by rain and melting snow-clogging storm drains and potentially causing or exacerbating flooding. […]

Fallen Leaves, Leaf Build Up & Your Commercial Property

The autumn season is usually a beautiful time in the Pittsburgh metro area, with a plethora of beautiful fall colors on display. As the fall season wears on, these same leaves are a primary cause of frustration and distress for commercial property owners and managers-especially when there is excessive leaf fall and build up. It […]