Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

As many property managers can confirm, only pressure washing (sometimes called power washing) and steam cleaning can sufficiently beautify and sanitize such surfaces as walls, signs, sidewalks, awnings, fountains, statues, trash enclosures, and parking structures and garages. Given that cleaning exterior surfaces on your commercial or industrial property is key to ensuring its longevity and attracting customers, having a reliable steam cleaning or pressure washing company ready at hand when you need steam cleaning of trash areas, gum removal, graffiti removal, or pressure washing services is a necessity.

What Is Pressure Washing?
Pressure washing (or power washing) involves the use of pressurized water that is dispensed from a wheeled cart or other mobile vehicle. This mobile unit can be situated on any part of a commercial or industrial property, allowing us to reach such areas as sidewalks, trash enclosures (or dumpster areas), parking structures, building exteriors, signage, awnings, and canopies.

Pressure washing is particularly useful for such blemishes as food and beverage spills, oil stains, grease, mud and hardened dirt, mold, mildew, bird excrement, and loose paint. Adaptable valves and nozzles allow us to change the amount of pressure produced and the pattern of the water’s spray. These adaptations are essential for treating a wide array of surfaces, whether concrete, glass, stone, vinyl, fabric, wood, or metal.

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