About Us

About Three Rivers Power Sweep

Originally known as Delo’s Cleaning in 1981 and then incorporated as Three Rivers Power Sweep, Inc. in 1988, by Kathy Stotler and Linda Smith.

From its start, Three Rivers Power Sweep, Inc. was built on a strong CUSTOMER FOCUSED work ethic, which is why some of our original clients are still with us today!

Our current owner, Leroy Stotler Jr., spent many years (starting at the age of 12) working in the company. Leroy started by building pallets with his uncle Joe Delo, working as a laborer, and then graduating to a sweeper truck driver during summers off from school and breaks from college.

Earning his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State, Leroy spent 18 years in design engineering and high tech engineering software working with some of the most successful companies in the world, implementing process compression tools and strategies.

After years of gaining significant experience in direct sales, global and domestic business development, and marketing, Leroy decided to put his experience to use at home, in Pittsburgh. He put a business plan together, went to a bank, and purchased Three Rivers Power Sweep, Inc.

A proud, family owned business, Three Rivers Power Sweep, Inc. offers the most reliable, cost effective Contract Power Sweeping Services and building maintenance solutions in the Pittsburgh and surrounding Western Pennsylvania region!

Our clients enjoy flexible contracts that offer the right service at the right time using quality, state-of-the-art equipment and well trained, experienced operators.

At Three Rivers Power Sweep, Inc., we look forward to serving your business or your community. to learn more, give us a call at (412) 795-6544, or visit our Contact Us page today.

Our Mission Statement:

Three Rivers Power Sweep, Inc. will strive to always exceed the expectations of our customers by providing a diverse set of high value environmental cleaning and property maintenance services. In addition we strive to develop a stable, enjoyable work place where our employees can grow and use their initiative to better their lives and the lives of their families by capitalizing on the opportunity to excel.

Our Motto:


President’s Promise:

“Moving from a corporate job to small business owner is the most difficult and rewarding journey I have ever undertaken. One critical point I have accepted is that perfection is a lofty goal, and delivering exceptional results takes a team effort and unswerving dedication.

So while we can’t control everything, all the time, we are always reaching for perfection and dedicated to serving you well.

What is always within our control is Three Rivers Power Sweep, Inc.’s proactive approach to customer satisfaction and my personal response to any of your questions and concerns. My promise to my customers is that I will always be available in a timely manner to discuss current or upcoming jobs and any quality concerns you may have. And I will take action to correct any and all issues immediately!”

— Leroy Stotler Jr.,

Based just east of Pittsburgh, Three Rivers Power Sweep, Inc. is recognized as one of the region’s top commercial Power Sweep companies.

Whether your concern is maintaining the appearance and cleanliness of your shopping center parking lot, reducing illicit discharge at your manufacturing plant, or controlling erosion from drag-out of your construction site, Three Rivers Power Sweep, Inc. has the equipment, experience, and service packages to solve your problems today.

Our clients enjoy 24 hr. emergency call out services and flexible contracts that offer the right service at the right time. Be sure to call today at (412) 795-6544, or visit our Contact Us page.