Construction Sweeping

Construction Track Out and SWPPP Services

Erecting a new building is not the easiest task, but the task of cleaning up afterwards isn’t quite a walk in the park either. That’s why you need a company with the experience, equipment, and crew who can provide the best clean in the business! Three Rivers Power Sweep will be there for you through every phase of construction, in order to ensure that your area is clean, accessible by trucks, safe for your workers, and won’t violate any Clean Water Act regulations or fail Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) inspections.

Quality Sweeping Services

We use a range of equipment to ensure your construction site and the surrounding area remains pristine:

    • Heavy-duty mechanical broom and regenerative air sweepers pick up gravel, mud, dirt and debris
    • High dump sweepers ideal for dumping in dump trucks and roll-off containers
    • Water sprayers help suppress dust during sweeping
    • Vehicles equipped with bumper magnets pick up nails, screws and sharp metal objects
    • Heavy-duty sweepers ideal for milling operations

The Premier Service Provider In Pittsburgh

Three Rivers Power Sweep is Pittsburgh’s Premier Sweeping Service Provider. We are able to provide parking lot, retail, municipal and HOA sweeping services; as well as maintenance services to the surrounding areas.  Request a quote today to for our professional team to provide information for your next project.