Power Sweeping & Unusual Situations

Power Sweeping & Unusual Situations

When our operators are out providing power sweeping services, they occasionally encounter unbelievable situations. Every one of our operators, at one time or another, has observed something unusual that made them scratch their head and wonder why on earth anyone would do such a thing. Some of these things have happened more than once-and these are the situations we want to bring to people’s attention so they do not continue to happen repeatedly.

Disposing Of Trash Or Debris Onto Paved Surfaces

For reasons we cannot fathom, one common situation our operators encounter is the notion that the day of a sweeping appointment is the perfect time to dispose of unwanted trash or debris. Rather than removing the trash or debris themselves, and disposing of it properly, people have actually dumped their debris onto a street or parking lot just before it is to be swept. Normally this material isn’t large, with leaves, grass clippings, and party litter such as red solo cups, paper plates, party favors, bottles, and cans making up the majority of the litter our operators encounter. Powered sweepers are certainly designed to pick up biological matter such as leaves, and grass clippings-but not in large quantities. Party litter can also be swept up by a powered sweeper in reasonable quantities, but is better off being placed in a properly lined receptacle and disposed of properly.

Dumping Chemicals Onto The Street

The second most common unusual situation encountered by our operators is chemicals dumped onto a street or parking lot with the expectation that the sweeper will spray the chemical down and/or sweep it up. This is a terrible idea because storm drains found on streets and parking lots empty directly into local waterways. This means any chemicals that are out on the pavement will inevitably be washed into storm drains and into the local waterways-which very often are the source for drinking water. The most common chemicals that are found in waterways are gasoline, diesel fuel, oil, and antifreeze. If you work on your car, and change the oil or flush the coolant, make sure the fluid is captured and disposed of properly so it doesn’t end up in the source of your local drinking water.

Accidents Involving Sweeper Trucks

The trucks we use to power sweep do not travel at a high rate of speed when they are in use. Once altogether too common situation we see is motorists crashing into street sweeper trucks. We understand that power sweepers are not an everyday presence on streets and parking lots and that their slow rate of sweeper travel can be a bit surprising. Failing to see a sweeper’s slow rate of speed can result in a potentially very serious accident if a driver is distracted.

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