Parking Garage Care 101

Parking Garage Care 101

Sweeping and property maintenance are multifaceted. Each parking lot requires specific care for its size, location, and traffic flow. Parking Garages are no different. Though in some ways they are just like any other parking lot, parking garages require an even more detailed approach. The privacy and cover afforded by a parking garage is wonderful… until it leads to more trash, more debris, and unkempt pavement. Come with us to Parking Garage Care 101 to learn how to better address the needs of these unique parking lots!

 Step 1: Assess Current Needs

How long has it been since you last walked through the parking garages in your care? A drive could be helpful; however, when you walk through, you will see the smaller details you may miss otherwise. It is quite likely that you will find worn pavement striping and markings. You may notice certain areas that gather trash and debris. Certainly, you will feel how your patrons feel when walking into the parking garage after shopping or a long day at work. If you do not feel safe, figure out why that is and address the need for more safety in your garage. Once you have a list of needs, you are ready to make a plan.

Step 2: Make a Plan

Your list will only grow if you do not make a plan. Then, the next time you walk through your parking garage the list you made will look something like this:

  • General cleanliness of the parking garage has gone downhill.
  • Parking garage collects debris and trash cans are overflowing by midday. 
  • Striping is worn, and patrons are now parking in unsafe ways.
  • Large piles of debris that someone dropped off are now blocking 4 parking spaces. 
  • Graffiti noticed 2 months ago has grown exponentially. 

So, stay calm, and call Three Rivers Power Sweep! We will take your current list and give you a plan. Regular parking garage sweeping will take care of the general cleanliness. We will schedule day porter services to clean up that midday debris and empty trash cans. Our team will refresh your lot with striping that makes parking spaces clear. Our expert will quickly haul off debris and remove graffiti with pressure washing. A regular plan for parking garage cleanliness will ensure that your patrons park safely and securely in your parking garage.

Step 3: Stick to the Plan

It can be tempting when things are under control to back off on the regular cleaning. Maybe your budget is tight; cutting corners on parking garage sweeping and cleaning could give you wiggle room elsewhere. Let us encourage you not to cut corners. An unkempt parking garage reflects on and affects your entire establishment. Graffiti always invites more graffiti. An overflowing trash can is a sign that no one is watching or caring what goes on in that space. This leads to more trash, graffiti and even theft. The cycle continues. Keep your parking garage clean, and ultimately safe by calling Three Rivers Power Sweep today. We will help you make and stick to a plan for parking garage care.