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Municipal, Industrial, Commercial, Construction

 With over 25 years of experience Three Rivers Power Sweep, Inc. offers the most reliable, cost effective pavement and building maintenance services in the Pittsburgh and surrounding Western Pennsylvania region! 

   • Commercial Property Pavement and Exterior Maintenance

   • Construction Support Services

   • Industrial and Plant Clean Up

   • Municipality Support Services

   • Large Event Clean Up

 Our clients enjoy flexible contracts that offer the right service at the right time.  We offer spring cleaning and fall leaf removal contracts as well as multi year service contracts that enable you to maximize your service dollar.

 Some of our services include: parking lot sweeping, street sweeping, parking garages, construction clean up, power washing, line striping, snow removal, and leaf removal to name a few.  See our list of services for a complete review of what services we currently offer to our clients. 

The Big Clean Sweep With Three Rivers Power Sweep

 Small cleaners are easy to find, but finding a large cleaning contractor is a much harder task.  Finding one with experience and the resources to get the job done is even harder.  That is, until now.  You've landed here at the Three Rivers Power Sweep Website.  You've landed at the one place that can deliver all your large industrial and lot cleaning services—and the one place that has the experience and resources you need! 

The Resources To Handle A Wide-Sweeping Area

 Three Rivers is based in Apollo, and recognized as the leading Pittsburgh power sweep company, but our service area includes nearly all of western Pennsylvania.  In addition to Apollo and Pittsburg, some of the cities and towns we serve include Bethel Park, McKnight, Belmont, and Mount Pleasant, PA.  Our range is quite extensive and ever-growing as we continue to expand our business, now 25 years young. 

 Not sure if we can service your area?  Just ask!  Contact Three Rivers Power Sweep today.

 The Resources To Handle A Wide Sweep Of Projects

 Our service offerings cover as much ground as our service area does.  Some of our specialty services include 

   • Parking lot sweeping

   • Cleaning parking areas

   • Mall sweeping

   • Storm water management plans

 Our entire service listing (available here on this site) is even more comprehensive, though, and covers everything from turnkey dumpster operations to vacuum truck sweeping, porter services and leaf removal.

 Not sure if we provide the service you need?  Visit our services page, or contact Three Rivers Power Sweep today.

Service Is Job One

 As you can see we offer a wide list of services across a far-reaching region; and as our company continues to expand and grow, so too do each of these.  At the heart of it all, though, we never forget why we are in business-to provide high-quality sanitation and sweeping services for you, your town, or your business.

 Service is our top (and only real) priority—from the time of your contact or call to job completion—and beyond!  We want to continue to be your power sweep service in and around Pittsburg, and so we are committed to forging a total partnership that goes beyond just doing the job.

 Partner with Three Rivers Power Sweep.  Enjoy the benefits of the big clean sweep in service and customer care and attention.  Contact us today and let's discuss what we can sweep up for you!

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