Construction Sweeping


Construction Sweeping

Site Development Drag Out, Pavement Milling, Seal Coating, Heavy Construction, Saw Cutting; these are some of the sites we deploy our equipment and experienced operators to. We understand that with EPA compliance, state, federal and local municipality regulations, getting your work done can be daunting. We are here to make that easier by helping to keep your project on track, on time, on budget and in compliance!

When it comes to construction site cleanup, our motto is “Whatever it takes whenever you need it!”

Services Offered

  • Power vacuum / mechanical truck sweeping
  • Riding mechanical for tight, low clearance applications
  • Skid loader services
  • Water flush truck services (great for dust control, quarry operations, and well drilling projects)

Types of Projects

  • Milling Sweeping
  • Cement cutting clean up
  • Hauling spills, drag out
  • Mud removal from streets
  • Bridges and roadway construction
  • Commercial building and residential housing developments
  • Hospital and health center construction

At TRPS, we help you meet the toughest inspections and avoid fines, as well as help you provide clean and safe conditions on the job site. We also help you stay GREEN, improving the environment and reducing pollution by keeping abreast of storm water runoff regulations.

Isn’t it time you learned more about us? Our service teams have decades of experience working in the Pittsburgh and Monroeville areas. We can service an area stretching from Washington, PA, to the South Hills, Pleasant Hills, Cranberry, Wexford, Greensburg, and out to Canfield OH.

Our range is quite extensive and ever-growing. Contact us today at 412-795-6544, or visit our Contact Us page to get in touch.

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