Commercial Pavement and Exterior Maintenance


Commercial Pavement and Exterior Maintenance

Three Rivers Power Sweep offers a full range of services for any type of commercial property. We provide our customers with year round service contracts enabling single point of contact for year round pavement and exterior maintenance.

Commercial Parking Lot Sweeping and Porter Services

At TRPS, we take protecting your commercial assets very seriously. We offer flexible service packages to enable you to get maximum benefit for your maintenance dollar.
Our standard parking lot sweeping services include;

  • General parking lot sweeping; vacuum sweeping; entrance and exit sweeping, store front curb line cleaning, blowing sidewalks clean, and maintaining perimeter areas as well as corners. In addition dumpster areas, compactors areas and dock areas are monitored and maintained.

We provide exterior maintenance packages that can include Parking Lot Sweeping services that vary in frequency combined with daylight Porter Services.
Porter Services can include; perimeter and grassy area cleaning, retention pond cleaning, reline trash cans, cleaning of can lids, wipe benches and window seals, check both parking lot and canopy lighting and dust web removal. Detailed inspection forms can be filled out as well as provide site pictures.

We understand that in many cases we are on your site more than any other contractor therefore keeping the parking area clean may not be our only job. We can fill out your building and lot inspection forms, as well as report alarms, graffiti, building damage, suspicious activity and possible liability issues we come across.
Service reliability is critical! We have Route Managers that are out at night monitoring our jobs, checking quality, and providing continuous training to our service employees. Our drivers are monitored via GPS Tracking that enables us to know when and where they serviced your property.


Interested in learning more? Contact us today at 412-795-6544, or visit our Contact Us page to get in touch.

Seasonal Contacts Available!

  • Flexible service frequency for cost effective maintenance
  • Power sweeping service
  • Back pack blower services
  • Trash can and porter services

Spring Services:

  • Heavy Duty equipment for Power Sweeping salt and anti-skid material
  • Perimeter clean up
  • Power washing sidewalks and building facades**


  • Leaf removal


  • Snow plowing**
  • Ice control**

Types of Properties

  • Residential Apartments
  • Industrial Parks
  • Commercial Office Space
  • Malls
  • Strip Mall Complexes

Services Offered:

  • Power vacuum truck sweeping
  • Back pack blower services
  • Trash can and porter services
  • Perimeter clean up
  • Leaf removal services
  • Snow removal and plowing**

** Services may be subcontracted to local professional providers.

Our customer service department looks forward to working with you. They’ll explain our commercial power sweeping contracts and all the services available from TRPS. Call 412-795-6544 today. You’ll be glad you did.

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